Our center offers individual tutoring sessions and group tutoring sessions. Group sessions consist of no more than five students. These sessions are designed to promote interaction in a cooperative learning environment. As professionals, we believe that an intimate classroom setting is necessary to help students meet their specific needs more effectively.

We offer intensive review sessions to help prepare students for January exams and June exams. In addition, our center offers summer sessions that commence in July. We urge students to take advantage of these preparatory sessions. Early exposure to new material will enhance their ability to succeed. We strongly recommend that they become acquainted with the subject matter before they are overwhelmed with the pressures associated with a new academic year.

Our professional team provides support to students at the primary, secondary, and cegep levels in the following subject areas:

• English
• French
• Math
• Science & Technology
• Chemistry
• Physics

For Cegep and University students

In addition, we offer an intensive essay-writing course designed for Cegep and University students who want to prepare for the English Exit Exam.  Our aim is to teach students how to analyze a text, how to look for key elements, and how to structure an essay.  To help simplify the writing process, we use our "NHA 10-step guide" to writing essays.

Cost of our Tutoring Sessions
Individual Tutoring Sessions: $45 per hour
Group Tutoring Sessions: $35 per hour

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