Our main goal at New Heights Academy Tutoring Center is to instill confidence in students and to raise their self-esteem. To achieve this, we focus on helping them to develop structural and organizational study skills. In addition, we encourage them to set priorities and we help them to manage their time wisely.

As educators, we believe that all students must have a plan to help them achieve their goals.  Our “Personalized Action Plan” (PAP) helps students set their priorities, structure and organize their work, and manage their time. The PAP is designed to guide and direct students to set their own objectives and goals by stating these in terms of a time limit.   Students automatically feel a sense of control and direction with respect to their short-term and long-term goals.

Unlike other tutoring centers, we do not support one specific universal model for addressing their difficulties.  We are highly trained and skilled and we are able to adapt to the specific needs of each student.  Because we understand that each student possesses his/her own distinct style for learning, we evaluate each student’s strengths and weaknesses and we respond to these with care and sensitivity.

On a final note, students must be made to feel worthy and competent.  We believe that the most important instrument to help increase confidence is praise!  When a student reaches his/her short-term goal, he/she receives praise and positive feedback!  It is these that promote a sense of accomplishment that will inevitably lead to long-term success!


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